Retaining Walls

Segmental Retaining Walls are engineered systems. We can provide required design drawings prepared by a licensed engineer in your area. Soils and compaction Testing, Engineers’ Letter of Certification and Permitting can be provided if required by local Building Codes.

Segmental Retaining Walls are installed on projects like box stores, apartments, and highways. They can also be designed to support designed to support building and parking lot loads.

Installation of Segmental Retaining Walls includes:

  • Excavation and Compaction of footing
  • Installation of specified footing material
  • Installation of Segmental Retaining Wall Block and Cap with core fill as specified
  • Installation of stone drainage column, drain outlet, and drainage core as specified
  • Installation of Geogrid Soil Reinforcement
  • Compaction of wall fill in the reinforced zone
  • Final cleanup and removal of construction debris from site

We also provide demolition and excavation services if required

Materials available:

Anchor Retaining Walls, Cornerstone Walls, Keystone Walls, Versa-Lok , Mesa Walls, and Redi Rock